Luminosity Facial Oil Set
Luminosity Facial Oil Set
Hansel Skincare

Luminosity Facial Oil Set

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Introducing ✨LUMINOSITY✨
A curated selection of Facial Oils by Hansel Skincare 🌿 Read more down below! ✨

This set will include three 10mL Facial Oils :

🤍SQUALANE - (100% sugarcane derived)
Increases cell turnover & improves skin elasticity.
🤍 Great to use after using Hansel’s HA Facial Serum. Use Hyaluronic Acid to draw moisture to the skin, and Squalane afterwards to lock in moisture.

🧡CITRINE - (organic rosehip oil & seabuckthorn fruit extract) combats fine lines & wrinkles and regenerates skin with a boost of antioxidants.

💙AZURE - (wheatgerm oil, german chamomile, grapeseed oil) soothes, rehydrates and renews skin.

Suitable for all skin types

Target concerns:

+ Mentioned on labels

Texture : Light-weight Fast Absorbing Oil

How To Use : apply to face in morning or evening. apply after cleansing skin. feel free to use all three oils together, or alternate between oils every day.

Suitable as a primer. If used in AM, follow with a suitable SPF. 


store upright in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. 

patch test before use - discontinue use if irritation occurs.

30mL glass dropper bottle with white pump